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Plug 2 Learn

We at Plug2Learn, offer two kinds of trainings
a) Customized Training: Trainings which work for your Organization. You can cherry pick topics which are important to your Org.
b) Certification Training: Standard trainings, with focus on Salesforce Certification. There are Seven certifications which offers

Customized Training :  Customized training that works for your implementation. As a corporate, you can choose the topics important to your organization and we would train your team on topics cherry picked by you.  Classroom Trainings are delivered at Client side for maximum benefit. We will travel to you ( anywhere in the world) to get your team up to speed on This might be for the sales team, Internal Users, Administrators, Developers or Consultants.

Classroom Training:

Spend time learning instead of traveling. Your training class is small and personal. Each course is developed by salesforce experts focused on your success.

Quick start Trainings :

Enable your marketing, sales and business development. Automate lead generation. Learn Salesforce workflows, process improvements, analytics and forecasting. We show you how to accelerate your revenue growth.

We offer a variety of end-user, marketer, sales representative, administrator, sales manager, and pilot user training courses that help each individual implement and use Salesforce CRM to improve, automate, and ease their daily tasks. This task is accomplished by training and teaching users the basics and the intricacies of using their CRM

Certification Trainings:

 We do have online classes for Salesforce Administrators as well as Development certifications. Details for the same are as follows:

Administration Essentials for Enterprise or Unlimited Edition (ADM201)
Days: 4  


Administration Essentials is our most popular course.  It’s a must both for new administrators or those who want to brush up on their core skills. You’ll learn how to set up, configure, maintain, and customize Salesforce CRM. The course also covers key features, including enterprise security, data utilities, and analytics.
(All Exams are conducted by Salesforce. For more information visit: 

Building Applications with (DEV401)
Days: 5 

This hands-on course covers the object model and how to configure applications with metadata—the fundamentals of creating applications. You’ll learn how to build a sophisticated application from start to finish, including how to design applications for the cloud, create custom objects, use workflow, and build the user interface.

 (All Exams are conducted by Salesforce. For more information visit:

Apex and Visualforce Controllers (DEV501)
Days: 5 


Designed for experienced developers, you get a deep dive into the programming languages and the cloud-based development environment. You’ll explore how to develop custom interfaces and write business logic and interactions. You’ll find out how to manage your projects in the cloud, using team development and debugging best practices. And you’ll learn to use platform’s deployment capabilities.Course participants also get access to the online courses Visualforce Pages and Managing Development with to complete before attending Apex and Visualforce Controllers.

Prerequisite: Certified Developer credential (DEV 401)

(All Exams are conducted by Salesforce. For more information visit:

Free Consulting for your Company:

We offer free consultation, allowing us to listen to your needs and introduce you to aspects of Salesforce training that you might not even be aware that you require. During the consultation we will also discuss the training programme that will suit you best. After the consultation, we develop training sessions that focus on your needs and your future customization goals.

Our training services include:

Quick Start Training, Online Training, and Onsite Classroom Training

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Certification Trainings conducted by Plug 2 Learn
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ADM 201 , ADM 301

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DEV 401 ,DEV 501

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DEV 401, DEV 501, ADM 201, salesfroce training in Delhi

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